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The Second CD
Featuring All Original Songs

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.Join Us!.

the SHOW

From their signature mashups to their new throwbackPOP, these modern gentlemen offer today’s sound with influences from the past six decades.


Whether it’s Bruno Mars layered with Frankie Valli or an original inspired by MJ, the COMPANY MEN offer something for everyone.

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Described by audiences as “non-stop excitement,” this Modern Day Rat Pack has audiences up on their feet, dancing and singing along.


Tell the men what YOU think:
Send Stuart, Shawn, Brian and Daniel 
a message, or talk with them after the show!


Before they were the COMPANY MEN,
Stuart, Brian, Daniel and Shawn were “company men,”
working 9-to-5 jobs to support their families.


The group was created in a hot tub off the Vegas Strip.


In 2011, these four were moonlighting in a Frankie Valli tribute group.  Relaxing after the show, they started talking about their dreams, their goals and their families.  Quickly finding common ground, the four ventured out together to create their own work.  They created the business, contracted the team, arranged and recorded music, and are now bringing their #throwbackPOP across the nation.


These modern gentlemen offer a unique blend of talent, personality and showmanship that harkens back to an earlier era, while pushing the boundaries of today’s current sound.

Stuart "the GENTLEMAN"


THEN: Prior Marine, Lt. in Coast Guard Reserve


Brian "the LOVER"


THEN: Executive recruiter with the family firm

NOW: “the LOVER”

Daniel "the CHARMER"


THEN: Website designer/

Stay-at-home Dad


Shawn "the PLAYBOY"


THEN: Performer at a theme park


the FILM

If you’re looking for the film with Ben Affleck, you aren’t going to find it here.
You will find music videos, live concert footage, interviews
and more from this “Modern Day Rat Pack”

the COMPANY MEN - Promo Video

the COMPANY MEN - PBS Special

the COMPANY MEN - from Mashups to throwbackPOP (EPK)

the COMPANY MEN - I'm Taking You Home

the COMPANY MEN - Crawling Back

the COMPANY MEN - Money / Forget You

the COMPANY MEN - Reach Out / Workin Day and Night

the COMPANY MEN - The Collection


what THEY SAY:

I'm Taking You Home